Saturday, 4 June, 1864

According to promise, Ju came to breakfast. I had given Bill pepper and quinine.1Quinine was commonly used to treat malaria. Several of the Littlepages and their slaves are described in this journal as having malarial-like symptoms. As the journal progresses I would be interested in the comments of anyone with knowledge of malaria, or any disease that might cause the symptoms described by Caroline for herself, her family, or her slaves. Ju made no prescription. I gave him some butter for his walk. Made Frank go with him and carry it, with a loaf of bread. Bill walked to James King’s after Ju left.2The transcriber of the journal took Caroline’s hand to read “Sou Kin’s.” Looking at other capital letters on that page, I believe the first letter is a J. Further, next two letters seem to me more like “as.” That would indicate “Jas.,“ an abbreviation of James. The three letters of the next word do indeed seem to be Kin. The is a small loop at the end of the “n” as Caroline runs out of space on the page, as if another letter would be there. Since we seen to be looking at a first and last name, and a very close neighbor is James H. King, I suggest Bill walked to James King’s. – – Dellah and Martha finished planting the cane ground and 7 long rows in beans. – – Finished running corn and commenced planting black eyed peas today. – – Zac came at eleven. Placed the two deserters with the guard yesterday evening. He had some trouble with one of them, who refused to go farther, threw down his knapsack and said he would prefer being shot. – – But after some little remonstrance he went on.