Sunday, 5 June, 1864

I arose quite early this morning and made pills of quinine and pepper for Bill. Gave them to him till ten o’clk, kept him _?_till 12. Missed his chill, and arose to dinner.1 – Jim came about 10 o’clk on a horse captured by __?__ sent by him to Larkin to take care of.2 – – The old Col. sent word by Jim he would be down to see us today, but its being rather inclement I suppose prevented his coming.3 – – Two Yankee deserters came this evening. We gave them something to eat and sent them across the river. One was from Maine and the other from Vermont. – – The grandest battle has been going on all the afternoon and until eleven at night, continual roar of cannon and musketry, apparently not more than 6 miles distance. – – No one attended Church today.4 This is 3rd Sunday we have been debarred the privilege of uniting with each other in Thanksgiving and praise to our heavenly Father for his protecting care of us this far in the perils and recipitudes of this poor life.5

  1. I have standardized the instances of time references found in the journal as “o’clk.”  (back)
  2. A neighbor, Larkin S. Garrett (1833-1886).  (back)
  3. Likely the Col. McLaughlin who visits three days later. This Jim is another of the Littlepage slaves. Caroline also mentions other non-slave “Jims” as the journal progresses. Sorting them out will sometimes be difficult.  (back)
  4. This would be Zion that was located at what is now White’s Shop – the intersection of Highway 30 and the road to Lanesville. Zion was founded about 20 years earlier by those who split from the Cambellite Jerusalem Christian Church, itself split from Lower College Baptist – later modern Colosse Baptist. Members of Zion became know as Christadelphians, inspired and named by Dr. John Thomas, a former associate of Campbell. Zion was three – often bad – road miles from Woodbury. The congregation would move in about ten years to Lanesville and worship in a church built by Dr. Lemuel Edwards on his property.  (back)
  5. I have been unable to find “recipitudes” transcribed in any dictionary. Caroline’s intent seems evident by the context; she may have heard the term at Zion Church. Suggestions?  (back)