Monday, 6 June, 1864

Bill arose quite early this morning and had a lamb killed, and very soon two more Yankee deserters came and we had them put across the river. – – Sent Ju a quarter of lamb by Tom. Bill went up and spent the day with him and returned to supper. – – Bettie cooked dinner and supper today.1 She prides herself very much on it. Finished off a pair of Va. pants for Bill.2 – – Bake has been sewing on my organdy dress.3 She and Nan went fishing today. – – Zac came home about ten o’clk, has a watch he captured.

  1. Another of the Littlepage slaves.  (back)
  2. Virginia cloth was the traditional name for a form of cotton homespun, which sometimes contained wool or flax. Even Virginia gentry wore everyday clothes made of Virginia cloth. Lower class whites and slaves wore little else. As this journal illustrates, “ready-made” clothing, even among the relatively well-to-do, was generally reserved for special occasions.  (back)
  3. Organdy is a plain-woven lightweight, often sheer, cotton cloth with a crisp finish. Often used for trim, curtains, and light apparel.  (back)