Tuesday, 14 June, 1864

Thank God the Yankees have not returned yet, but O the anxious suspense I have been in all the time. – – Momentarily expecting something, we know not what. After they left yesterday I thought it was useless to hide the mules again and ventured to have the cotton, peas, potatoes, &c ploughed and then sent them to the cornfield.1I have standardized Caroline’s various abbreviations for “et cetera” as “&c” Parky followed the plough. I am at work on Zac’s round-a-bout, Bake wove, Dellah and Bettie at work on my chemises.2A round-a-bout was a short close-fitting jacket worn by men and boys especially in the 19th century. – – I sent the 1/2 doz. late papers by Zac to read.