Friday, 24 June, 1864

The weather still as dry as powder. If it doesn’t rain in a very short time there will be no corn made. Some of it is as dry as fodder now, distressing to look at. – – I sent Dellah up early this morning for Stuart. Ju came down with him and spent the day. I was sorry to see him so cast down under his late loss by the Yankees. I did all I know how to comfort him, poor fellow. I am so sorry for him, but I hope it all for the best and that those light afflictions may work for him a far more exceeding and eternal weight of glory. He was quite sick from eating honey and shortcakes for snack. I prescribed for him brandy and orange peel, but did not relieve. Had to give him soda and a little vinegar with it. He was soon entirely relieved. I had an early supper and Bill walked with him part of the way home. Sent Mag some hot muffins for supper. Gave Parky the day for cleaning and scalding her house. Bartlett and Scott went to W. House.1 – – The Yankees have left. Zac started to go there, but turned back. Brought his blankets.

  1. Scott, another Littlepage slave.  (back)