Saturday, 25 June, 1864

I am feeling sad all day. – – Had some rooms washed by Bettie, a chemise made for Patsy by Dellah, and Martha is knitting on my gloves.1 – – Gave Bill quinine, but in spite of all this, chill would come. – – Zac had corn shelled this evening to send to Mill’s Mill on Monday, 15 bushels. – – Julian Edwards and Stanley Neale came this afternoon and spent the night.2 3 – – We all sat up quite late. Bake and Nan played a good deal. Jim returned having out wheat only one day and that was for Kleber Edwards.4

  1. Patsy is another slave at Woodbury.  (back)
  2. Julian Edwards was the eldest son of Dr. Lemuel Edwards of Lanesville. A member of the local “Lee’s Rangers,” he was wounded during the Gettysburg Campaign. Unable to perform is regular soldier duties he was detailed to the Confederate Medical Department. He had also been delivering mail to King William during the first months of 1864. He would become Dr. Julian Edwards, my Great Grandfather.  (back)
  3. J. Stanley Neale, Julian’s first cousin, a member of Carter’s King William Artillery, was badly wounded at the Battle of Seven Pines in 1862. By September 1864 he will be listed as a conscript exempted from military service because of “Religious Creed.” He was listed as a “Nazarine,” soon to be called Christadelphian. He would have attended church at Zion. Note: In 1862 the Richmond Daily Dispatch lists him wounded as Juan Stanley Neale. Much later, in 1897, Peyton Neale Clarke’s Old King William Homes and Families repeats his first name as Juan. Juan might have been a nickname, perhaps an unwanted one, because he would go by J. Stanley or just Stanley Neale all of his life. The 1850 US Census clearly shows him, a six year-old, as James S. Neale. Two writes don’t make a Juan.  (back)
  4. Kléber is a French surname. In the absence of other suggestions, Kleber Edwards was probably named for, directly or indirectly, Jean Baptiste Kléber (1753-1800), a French Revolutionary General of high regard. Kleber Edwards was introduced in an earlier footnote.  (back)