Saturday, 2 July, 1864

Exceptionally warm today. Ju and Mag came down early to spend the day. I was so glad to see them. They’ve not been here for so long. All spent a pleasant day. – – The girls, Col., Bill and Zac went fishing before dinner. Mary, Mag, Ju and myself remained. – – I hate to see Ju so desponding. Patsy cooked dinner today. – – Sent Parky to the oatfield in her place. – – Commenced cutting oats today. Jim, Frederick and Bartlett.- – Ju and Mag left after supper. Sent Beck up to milk by the time they got home and to stay till Monday morning. After we are done oat harvest I intend letting them have her all the time I can spare her till he can buy a woman, i.e. if the Yankees do not molest us again.1The ease with which Caroline seems to write “buy a woman” is inversely proportional to my ease reading her words. Fine rain this evening before Ju left.