Sunday, 3 July, 1864

A very beautiful day. I am in bed all day from neuralgia in the shoulder, taken with it Saturday. – – Mary, Anna, and the Col. left about nine. Bill and Zac walked with them. Bake and Pigeo, with Zac after he returned, attended Zion. Nannie Lewis and Nannie Littlepage remained all home. Cousin Lem was at Zion, the first time for about two months, on account of Yankees.1Cousin Lem (first cousin, once removed to Caroline) would be Dr. Lemuel Edwards of Lanesville, father of Julian Edwards who visited Woodbury last week. His wife is the former Mary A. Fitzallen Atkinson of King William. He had been imprisoned by Union forces, along with a handful of other area residents, at Fort Rip-Raps in Hampton Rhodes harbor in 1862, “on suspicion.” All were released after a few months. He then moved to Richmond and had been staying there until recently. They returned to dinner. Patsy cooked, Parky milks. Mrs. Tebbs sent a bucket of flour by Dandridge for her to make loaf bread and send by Dandridge in the morning. 2The county’s only Tebbs family lived about a mile east of the courthouse on the main road, across from the Powells. See the Gilmer map. The family of R. H. Tebbs, M.D. is listed in the 1860 U.S. Census. A George T. Tebbs, 22, perhaps a son, is listed as a clerk (merchant) next to the listing for P.H. Slaughter who operated the store at the courthouse. A Dr. Tebbs is also mentioned in Rose’s diary. Dandridge must have been one of their slaves.[I am now unsure who owned and/or operated the Courthouse Store in 1864. More research is underway.]