Tuesday, 5 July, 1864

Cool & pleasant out today.1This portion of the page was badly damaged. But a very close inspection reveals “& pleasant. Added another mower to the oatfield (Washington). Sent Zac to his Uncle Hardin’s to request him again to return the Scythe cradle I loaned him last year.2Uncle Hardin was Col. Hardin Littlepage, Caroline’s late husband Lewis’ younger brother. He lived close by at “Aspen Grove,” where he and Lewis were born. Still standing, it is ¾ of a mile behind Oak Dale where Dr. Ju lived. Uncle Hardin married Susan Pemberton Robins, sister of John Armistead Robins. The profusion of nicknames, including military titles, seems necessary to distinguish among members of families which invariably recycled given names. And in a community in which there was frequent intermarriage among families, the same given names reside in profusion. – – He returned to dinner not having seen him. – – Bake is worn out with her cloth, it is so fine and tender. Mag can never appreciate it I am sure. It is a great deal more trouble than it is worth. I’m really sorry for her, she cried over it every day. It certainly wears my patience out. – – Dellah assisted Bartlett weeding peas.