Wednesday‚ 6 July, 1864

Extremely warm again. Notwithstanding, all the family have had colds and suffer a good deal with them. – – Nannie started to school this morning. The first time since the Yankees came some time in May, about the middle I believe. Tom went to bring Shakespeare back. – – Found on arriving at school nearly all of the books had been stolen by the Yankees and the rest scribbled up, and old Lincoln’s Proclamation laid about in different places requesting it to be read and sent to their neighbors.1As Rumford Academy was within five miles of Woodbury, and was being operated during the war as “Rumford Male and Female School,” I had initially though Nannie was attending school there. But Dr. John Latane Lewis was also operating a closer small private girls school at his home “Auburn” that time. It seems Nannie was attending there, boarding during weekdays. – – Zac rode a mule to Claiborne Hill to look at a horse he has for sale.2Claiborne Johnson Hill, about 30, married Susan Ann (Puss) DeFarges in 1859 and moved to her family’s properties near Sandy Point. In 1863 Hill is shown paying taxes on “Brookes” which is adjacent to the DeFarges homeplace near Sandy Point. However the 1865 Gilmer Map shows C. J. Hill living not at Brookes, but between there and the residence of Col. R. King, Sandy Point. There also seems to be a discrepancy in the location of the Hill and King family residences between the Gilmer Map and the 1976 Garber / Wendenburg Map. A bit more research is needed here. He took him home on trial. Will take her if she suits him. Makes his own bargain and pays for his horse himself. I hope whatever he does may be for the best. He is going contrary to my wishes, but I will not oppose him. Parky ironed today, washed yesterday. – – Dellah and Bettie are both in the harvest field. The oats are very good. Zac rode his new horse to Dr. Lewis’ this evening. He has to report at Millers tomorrow.3Zac, 17, was now subject to Confederate conscription. “Millers” would be Miller’s Tavern in King & Queen County. Returned at 12 tonight.