Thursday, 7 July, 1864

Very warm today. A pleasant shower this evening. Bill rode Duroc to the C.H. this morning and returned after we had finished dinner. – – Started to Richmond this evening with a small load, consisting of butter, corn, &c, &c, 15 bushels corn and about 120 lbs. fresh butter, in five jars, one four-gallon, one three-gallon and three two-gallon – Ten bags in all. Gave Bill my coupons to collect and a list of the Registered Bonds, also a R.R. check for $39. Requested him to collect the money for corn shipped there in the spring and convert it into 6 percent bonds. – – Bartlett started with the Tumbrel about 6 o’clk. – – I sent Aunt Becky to Ju’s this morning to stay until I see fit to take her away.1I have recently added a photo of Dr. Junius Littlepage on his bio page. He is willing to pay liberal taxes. Zac started to Essex this morning.2Zac is headed to Essex County, Virginia, on the other side of King & Queen, probably to Tappahannock. But yesterday Caroline wrote he was going to Millers, on the road about half way to Tappahannock. ? – – Returned sometime in the night and turned his horse in the oatfield, he did not come in at all. Sent Mary’s cloth 9 ½  f and 15 ½ coarse and 2RK collars for herself and Mrs. Wigins.3I have been unable to identify Mrs. Wigins. No Wigins, or Wiggins for that matter, appears in the usual sources. Perhaps she is living with a local family. Suggestions? And I assume if the 15 ½ is coarse the “f” of  “9 ½ f” means fine. No idea about “RK” collars.