Friday, 8 July, 1864

Quite a pleasant day. Getting on tolerably well cutting oats and we had pretty weather this week for it. Ju came down this evening and took supper before he left. I am glad to see his spirits are so much better this evening than they have been since meeting with his misfortune. He met with an accident at the spring. Dropped his pocket book in and got a great many notes wet. I took them out and dried them for him. Stuart has been right puny today, cutting more teeth I imagine. Let Mr. Davis have 5 bushels corn this evening.1There are several Davis families living within three miles of the Courthouse. Zac delivered it. He is to return the corn or pay me $50, less in the Wt than it is selling for at this time. Mr. Brown is selling his for $250 for Wt at his door. 2Mr. Archie Brown, described as a merchant in Malcolm Harris’ Old New Kent County.., lived at North Point, upriver from Woodbury about three miles. The location can been seen on the Gilmer map.