Sunday, 10 July, 1864

Quite pleasant. I proposed to remain at home as it was necessary for me to stay, and Bake and Nan went to Zion. Took Stuart up to see Mag and leave him a while, if they wish it. Bettie went to mind him. Zac returned from Zion to dinner. Bake and Nan returned to supper and Will, with them, to spend the night with me. I was so glad to see him. He is such a dear, good brother.1 – – Bartlett came from Richmond soon after breakfast, and Bill about ten. – – Sold his corn and butter Saturday, $52 per bushel for corn and 9-9 ½  $ per pound for 106 lbs. butter.- – Purchased ten pounds sugar @ $10 per pound, Calumet $3 an oz, camphor $8 an oz, and pepper $10 per pound.2

  1. Caroline’s brother Will, also referred to tomorrow as “Uncle Billy” and “Uncle Bill,” is likely William M. Ellett, Jr., age 40, listed in the 1860 KW U.S. Census. He lived at Riverview Farm at Cohoke on the Pamunkey where their late father William M. Ellett, Sr. once lived. Will was somehow left out of Clarke’s, Old King William Homes and Families. Besides these two William M. Elletts there was also in King William Caroline’s cousin William Ellett, son of Daniel Ellett, born 1803. He lived down the county past Colosse Church on the road to the “Indiantown” that is today’s Mattiponi Reservation, not far from Claiborne Johnson Hill.  (back)
  2. Calumet Baking Powder??  (back)