Wednesday, 13 July, 1864

Fine growing morning. Mrs. Moser came in a cart before breakfast for the ½ barrel of corn pr. order of Mr. Hillyard, and I sold her ½ barrel @ $50 pr. bushel, which she says Mr. Moser will pay for soon. – – N. Terry came to see about getting corn as a barter for making a boat the 1st year of the war @ 20.1Terry is another old King William family name. The 1863 Tax Books lists a Nat. Terry living within a mile or so of Woodbury. Wished to get corn at the old price, $4 pr. barrel, but I told him that was rather more than I could do. I told him if he objected to receive Confederate money, I would try and get Va. money. – – Mrs. Moser left before dinner. I gave her a plate of butter, lamb, piece of a ham, bacon, milk, mess of field peas, loaf bread, &c for which she was very thankful. – – Mrs. Moser sent Bake a little present of a reading. Gave Iverson melted butter this morning.2Iverson is another slave at Woodbury. The 3rd dose of calomel _?_it improves under the treatment. – – I have commenced giving Shakespeare medicine, give him a tablespoonful (hair-store), pounded a half teaspoonful copper and a little salt in a fodder meal, one a day.3No idea the meaning of hair-store. He was looking badly. – – Zac and Bake rode to Dr. Lewis this evening and spent the night. The school adjourns tomorrow.