Saturday 16 July, 1864

Cool enough this morning for fires. I wrapped up well and took a ride with Bill to look at the hogs. Returned by the cowpen where Parky’s milking, and there through the corn, it’s looking beautiful. Only needs rain, suffering very much for it. Returned to breakfast. Have been busy all day about Bill’s suit, with Dellah to help me. Parky and Martha commenced spinning this evening, ready for carding. Zac returned to supper, staid at Col. Hill’s last night.1The Gilmer Map shows the residence of a “Col. Hill” about a mile south of West Point (St. John’s) Church on the road to West Point. As yesterday Zac went “down the county” to pick up conscripts, this may be here he spent the night. This house is identified on the 1976 Garber/Wendenburg map as Cherry Lane. That was the home of William Hill according to the 1863 KW Land Tax Rolls. (William appears in the 1860 US Census, 47, probably a widower. His son Robert Christopher Hill married Cornelia Todd Littlepage, daughter of Hardin Littlepage in 1861.) Mr. Hill was a member of the 87th Regiment of the Virginia Militia, identified as a Captain as early as 20 years before. It appears that at some point he attained the rank of Col. – – Bake’s weaving. The children went Whortleberry hunting this evening. – – I went to the barn after dark to have Shake and George given corn. 2George is another Littlepage horse, along with Shakespeare and Duroc.