Monday, 25 July, 1864

Another lovely day. Zac had the remainder of wheat fanned and measured up, 182 bushels rough measure. – – I had the rutabaga patch dragged by Bartlett and the rest of the hands to get rails to enclose it. – – He ploughed a square in the garden after he finished that for white turnips.1A square is a unit of area equaling 100 square feet; a 10 x 10 foot patch of ground would be 1 square. – – Put the beehives in place. We had hid them from the Yankees. Bill attended Court and returned to supper.2The 4th Monday of each month is Court Day in King William County. He has to report at Miller’s Thursday. He bought one bushel potatoes, onions of Mrs. Lewis for Mary. Garland, arrived about nine p.m., will take Bake over on Wednesday.3Yes, the potatoes purchased of Mrs Lewis on the 17th were for Mary Hanes, Caroline’s oldest daughter. In the journal there is no period between Mary and Garland. But Mary is the last word at the end of a line and Garland starts the next. For a time I thought Caroline was referring to a Mary Garland. But Garland Hanes is Mary’s husband. Bake will leave with Garland for a long visit with the Hanes family in Henrico in two days. Received a letter from Mary.