Friday, 29 July, 1864

Fine growing morning. Bill delivered the remaining five and a half barrels of corn this morning, sent it to the C.H. by Jim. Mr. Hillyard will take it from there and settle for the whole of the ten barrels on receipt @ only $100 pr. brls. – – Sarah came for another pound of butter for $7. – – Bill made a mistake in the corn of a brl., will deliver that to Mr. Hillyard on application.1The transcript identifies “Bec” as making the mistake. A closer look reveals it was Bill. – – Bill went to W. Point this evening crabbing. Drove Duroc to the buggy, gave him a pullet. – – Having the early peas’ ground prepared for turnips. Tom and Frank pulled the vines up, and Uncle Bartlett and Addison hauled some manure on the ground.2Addison is another male slave at Woodbury. The 1st sowing of rutabagas are coming up.