Monday, 1 August, 1864

Quite pleasant today. Phil Lewis came to bring a notice to Bill from his enrolling officer, suspecting some investigation to be made in Clerk’s office. – – Ju spent the evening. Told me he had sent one and a half bushels meal to the Misses Slaughter as a donation from him and myself. Bill had the wheat refanned and carried upstairs this morning, and commenced hauling oats this evening to thresh. – – We all enjoy the cool watermelons very much, have an abundance, but do not sell any. – – Zac had a chill. Gave him Calomel and Jalap tonight.1Two small mysteries today. Bill’s enrolling officer, Lieut. Haw was introduced 18 July. Wonder what investigation is to be made? Who or what is being investigated? Is Haw being investigated? Bill? Phil? And was Ju referring to P. H. Slaughter’s daughters? He had five. And for what cause were they accepting donations of meal? Suggestions appreciated.