Thursday, 4 August, 1864

The little children all started off cheerily to school after eating some watermelon. Sent a letter by mail to Bake. – – Bill went to Headquarters in King and Queen and returned to supper. Ordered to Richmond tonight in charge of deserters. Had bread baked and prepared a snack for him. Parky’s weeding cabbage, &c in the garden. – – Filled in the piece of warp Bake left in the loom yesterday. It will make very pretty bonnets. – – Zac had another chill yesterday evening. I gave him another dose of calomel and Jalap tonight.- – Had the five oxcart loads of corn brought to the house that we had carried off when the Yankees were about for safekeeping. Zac rode Shakespeare to the pen where it was, though he was right feeble. – – Washington carried an oxcart wheel to Mr. Houchings to cut the tyre.1John C. Houchings is a local blacksmith and mechanic who has a machine shop on three acres near Acquinton Church. The property appears on the Civil War Gilmer map. The Houchings family had been established property owners in King William for a number of years. Over the course of this journal the Littlepages will do much business with Mr. Houchings. Caroline will often drop the “s” or the “g” when writing his name. I have standardized her spellings to Houchings. Loaned Mr. Henley 12 ½  bushels corn this morning. He will return 13 ½  bushels. – – Tom had a chill this evening.