Wednesday, 10 August, 1864

The weather still hot and dry. – – I am very weak, but arose quite early and gave out meal for the servants. – – It is like hominy almost. It is so coarse. – – Ju came about 9 or 10. Brought Capt. Woodward in his buggy, a blockader, on his way North.1Blockader Capt. Woodward appears only once and remains unidentified. Probably a non-military ships captain. Not a common name in King William, Woodwards were plentiful in New Kent. Given the direction he was heading and they “sent for a few things,” it is likely Woodward was heading to Tappahannock and maybe after that Baltimore. Bill took him in the buggy as far as “Millers” on his way. We sent for some few things. After eating watermelons, Ju by invitation dined at Mr. Norment’s. – – Bill and Capt. W. left about 4 and he returned to supper. I enjoyed a bird for supper very much. Zac only killed two. – – Tom is no better than he was Sunday. His fever has kept up. Got Bill to get a little more “nitre and ammonia” from Ju last night as he passed the C.H. – – I’ve not called in a doctor yet. – – Zac attended to the machine in Bill’s absence. – – Mrs. Lipscomb came today. Loaned her a ½ bushel corn and gave her some things as I generally do whenever she comes.