Monday, 15 August, 1864

Quite pleasant today, after the rain yesterday evening. Ju came down and spent the day to call on Mary and Mr. Hanes. Had an excellent pudding for dinner. Mary and Ju had a discussion on the loss of property by the Yankees. – – Ju left after dinner. Then Mary and I transacted some money matters. Paid her $94 for Dr. Power for “Shirley.”1See the footnote for 15 July about Dr. Power. Shirley is likely a slave. The $94 may have been for Dr. Power’s medical services for Shirley, although that seem high, even with 1864 prices. Or Dr. Power may be renting out Shirley for the remainder of the year to the Hanes, Jr. family and Caroline is footing the bill. I have no explanation for the quotation marks around Shirley. Settled with her for the greenbacks she sent Liv. – – And gave her money for the children’s purchases, and dress for Pigeo, two dresses and a pair of shoes for Nan and $52 for Bake. I went down and fixed up a bucket of butter, snack, &c and had supper for them to start home at sunset, though they made it later. – – Rose commenced school with Nannie today.2Nan will turn 14 next month. Little Rose Hanes turns nine in 1864. Rose will stay at Woodbury for a while. Sent Evelyn McLellan one barrel corn and nineteen pounds bacon by Oby this morning.