Thursday, 18 August, 1864

Fine growing weather. Bill’s at home today. Nan remained at home from indisposition. I am having jobbing done today by Bettie and Dellah.1Jobbing was a period term for work or working. All that is left today is job. Bettie stitching a hand, Dellah gaged Nan’s Swiss muslin dress. – – Mr. Tollston from the Maryland line came this evening to spend the night.2There were several Tolson’s among the members of the Maryland regiments. Which Tolson visited Woodbury cannot be confidently determined. The Second Maryland did participate at the battle of Ream’s Station. See below. A Lieutenant Thomas H. Tolson was a member of Company C. Flattering news from the Army. Another attack by Grant on Richmond, something of a surprise. Our Cavalry lost heavily, but the Yankee loss was very great and handsomely repulsed.3May have been the battle of Ream’s Station. – – Let Mrs. George have ½ barrel corn on Hillyard’s account. – – Expecting Pigeo and Lee Lipscomb with Mrs. Hanes to return with the school children this evening, but was disappointed on account of the inclemency of the weather.4Liv is what was transcribed. A closer look reveals Lee Lipscomb. Lee will also appear a bit later. Rose returned to Mount Hope from school. – – Loaned Ju the corn sheller to be returned tomorrow. Sent Bake’s letter by Philip to be mailed. It contained a letter from Lilie to her and one to Mary from me, also one from Liv to me that I sent her to read, at the same time requesting her to ask Mr. Hanes to box up and send Liv 25 pounds best tobacco on receipt of my letters. Bill was to have carried it yesterday, but gave out going.