Monday, 22 August, 1864

Fine growing weather. We commenced pulling fodder today. Sent Parky and Bettie out. Patsy washed some things. – – Mr. Tolston left with Bill for court after breakfast. Bill bought a horse of him @ $1100, a sorrel mare, right good match for George. The girls came about eleven, all four in a wagon. Mr. Pilcher drove. They spent a pleasant day. Left after supper. I like them all very much. Bill came from the C.H. about 1 o’clk. for money for my taxes, $324.66 cts. I also gave him $75 to pay Mrs. Lewis for onions, also paid a balance to Dr. Lewis on midclasses. Rectified a mistake he made against himself on settlement for the first lessons of Pigeo’s schooling. – – He invited some young gentlemen down to dinner. Mr. Baumly Martin and Mr. Pilcher, who remained till the girls left.1This is likely Thomas Brumley Martin, Jr., about 19, the son of the late Thomas Brumley Martin and wife Frances [Boulware] Martin. They lived at Winterham, south of Acquinton Church. He likely was known by his middle name to distinguish himself from is father. His name is found as Bromley in the 1860 US Census, but is also rendered Brumley. Living down the county on the road to West Point was Samuel D. Pilcher. However he was 35 and married with a 4 year-old boy. They seem to be the only Pilchers living in KW at the time. Perhaps the Pilchers had a younger brother or cousin staying with them during the war years. Pilcher descendants are free to chime in. – – Pigeo was quite sick while on her visit.