Tuesday, 23 August, 1864

Quite a pleasant day. After Bill and I settled up some little money matters, I went up in the buggy to Ju’s. Took the school children, Nan and Rose, along with me and Tom behind the buggy. Sent Martha with a carboy to Mrs. Tebbs for some cider and she got a little, but it was too sour to drink. Mag and I sent her over to Hardin’s for some. Got a little there, rather better. She and I spent the evening at Mrs. Robins, or rather we called a short time on the old lady. I borrowed $5 in greenbacks from Ju to pay Mrs. Slaughter for a pair of blockade shoes for Nan. He also loaned me $1250 to pay Mr. Lacy for Zac’s saddle. Nan received a letter from Bake, and Rose one from her Mother. Met Mr. Walters with orders for Bill from Lieut. Haw.