Wednesday, 24 August, 1864

Quite a pretty day. Bill delivered one barrel corn to Larkin, returned to him out of the growing crop, with interest. Also delivered the part of Hillyard’s, making ten barrels I have furnished the county at $100 pr. barrel. – – Had the turnips in the pea patch replanted with white turnips. Fixed a snack for Bill to carry with him to Clements Mill to take those highway robbers in the persons of six deserters.1Clements Mill was located about two miles west of Sharon Church at present day Central Garage. The impoundment was later called Manquin Pond. What is left of it is located at the west end of county road 1201, Terra Alta Dr. Old Mrs. Lipscomb came, gave her some things. – – Sent the $150 loaned me yesterday by Nan this morning. I am right much indisposed today. Tried to put my linsy through the harness, but did not finish. Philip sent me Nannie’s shoes to bind. – – Gave Pigeo Calomel tonight and she was very sick during the night. – – Parky ironed some things this evening.