Friday, 26 August, 1864

Had a beautiful rain last night. – – Nearly finished Nan’s Garibaldi today and cut out another Irish linen. It fits her beautifully. Received a letter from Zac by mail dated Headquarters near Loyds Essex County, Va.1 Also received two from Bake, one petitioning me earnestly to buy a place near Oakland offered to Mr. Hanes for $500 per acre, eighty acres. – – Bill will go to Richmond in a day or two. I will get him to look at the place and see what he thinks of it, not that I have any desire or intention to leave Woodbury.2

  1. Lloyds, Virginia is located in central Essex County.  (back)
  2. Had Caroline had exchanged her Confederate denominated assets for land in 1864 she would have benefited greatly. But there is no indication she purchased this property.  (back)