Sunday, 28th August, 1864

Quite pleasant. Pigeo’s puny, but anxious to hear Cousin Lem and concluded she would go and sit in the carriage under the window. Bill sat in with her and fanned her all the time. We had a good audience and a most excellent sermon. – – Bill, Todd Robins and Cornelia Hill joined the Church and were baptized at Mill’s Mill this afternoon.1We first met William (Todd) Robins on 9 June. Cornelia Hill was Cornelia Todd Littlepage, daughter of Hardin Littlepage, Caroline’s brother-in-law. She had recently married Robert Christopher Hill. 2The 1865 “Gilmer” Map shows Mills’ Mill. It was located on the upper reaches of Cohoke Creek, a bit over 4 miles from Zion church. It was later called Valley Mill Pond, and was just off of today’s West Rose Garden Road. We sat a while at Ju’s, and Bill drove the carriage down and sent Bartlett home on his horse to make ready to start to Richmond in the morning, but before we reached home it came on to rain and more than that, we found a government wagon at Woodbury and Mr. Sidner informed us that the Yankees were reported to be on the other side of the river.3A John L. Sydnor, about 23 in 1864 appears on the 1870 KW U.S. Census. But he does not appear on the KW Tax rolls until 1869. Private Sydnor, Company G, 4 Reg’t Virginia Cavalry, was born in Mechanicsville, Hanover County and was severely wounded in October, 1862. Unable to return to his full duties, he may have been able to undertake other war-related responsibilities in and around his home. He was permanently retired in November, 1864. Or the titheman may have been someone else entirely. So Bill thought it best to defer going for a while, fearing to risk the mules and wagon. We reached home about ten, the darkest night I ever saw, but Bill drove first rate, led the horses over the most dangerous place.