Tuesday, 30 August, 1864

Very pleasant today and a fine shower. Commenced peeling peaches to dry. Had them caught in a rain a soon as they were put out. – – Parky washed. Patsy’s with the rest pulling fodder. – – Pigeo made herself a very pretty straw bonnet today. – – Bill rode to Mr. Spiller’s and other places, and took dinner at Hill’s. Rose sent me some grapes.1 – – Bettie cooked dinner. Puss Slaughter came with Nan home.2

  1. Wm. Spiller, about 44, lived about 3 miles west of the courthouse, just north of Acquinton Creek, the old Webber Plantation. Today the home would have been at the end of state road 617. The Spiller residence is shown on the “Gilmer” Map, but not on the 1976 Garber/Wendenburg map. James Hill King and wife Rose’s home was Spring Pleasant, which conversely appears on the Garber/Wendenburg map, but not the “Gilmer.” It was adjacent to the Spiller residence. Today Spring Pleasant still stands and there is a Spring Pleasant Drive leading into a development on the property.  (back)
  2. Puss Slaughter was the daughter of P. H. Slaughter. Appearing in the 1860 Census as 8, she would have been about about Nan’s age. In 1870 she is listed as Henrietta, attending school. A decade later she is 28, a postmistress, a Slaughter family tradition.The transcription identified her as Priss.  (back)