Monday 5, September, 1864

Quite a pleasant day. Ju left when Rose started to school. Walked with her. Notwithstanding, I earnestly entreated him to remain till he was better, though he said he felt greatly improved. Bill left when Ju did to go to several places. Returned after we had dined. – – Zac came on a furlough of five days. Has had several chills. Poor children! How they are scattered to the four winds, no two scarcely in one place. – – Bill took a snack with him about twilight to go somewhere looking for deserters. Don’t know when he will be back. Had a few peaches peeled today. The kitchen came very near being burnt down last night through Dellah’s carelessness.1Woodbury, as did most substantial homes of the time, had a separate building used as the kitchen. It may be shown next to the residence on the 1872 plat, but it is not labeled as such. – – Had several clouds and a good deal of rain tonight. – – Had tomatoes prepared to dry.