Monday, 12 September, 1864

Quite cool today. Zac took quinine and stopped his chills. – – I am busy about so many things I do nothing.1 Cut off the silk of an alpaca dress for Pigeo. – – Nan’s suffering very much from toothache. Rose went to school without her. Frank carried her basket. She staid at the Tavern tonight without my leave. – – Bill went to Mr. Brown to see about the roller for the cane mill.2 Returned and got ready in a few minutes to go to Richmond. Had some oats measured and carried 14 bushels and 15 bushels corn. I fixed up three jars butter. I suppose 89 lbs 4, 3, & 2 gallons. – – Bartlett drove the wagon. – – Gave Bill coupons amounting to $574 to collect. – – I was uneasy about Rose and sent Scott and Addison to Ju’s to know whether she staid there. Parky and Buck are better. Phillip had a chill. – – Stuart’s been as bad as he could well be today. I had to tie him, but withall, the sweetest and most sensible little fellow I ever saw. – – Bill has a beautiful night for travelling. Cool and as light as day. – – I am sorry I did not know of his intention of going sooner, so that I could have sent some things to Bake and have written by him.

  1. Perhaps Caroline would be pleased to learn things haven’t changed all that much.  (back)
  2. Probably Mr. Archie Brown who we met on 8 July.  (back)