Wednesday, 14 September, 1864

Still Cool. Bought a doz. sora from Jim this morning for $10.1Another example of a slave earning extra money. Bill returned from Richmond this morning about 10 o’clk. Failed to get the boilers he had engaged. Bought three more barrels @ $30 each and a plough for $75. – – Sold my butter for $8 ½ pr. pound, and corn for $50 pr. bushel. The oats he left to be sold by Moore and Turner. – – Received letters from Mary for Rose and myself. – – Pigeo finished her skirt today. Ju came this evening. Loaned him 50 grains quinine. – – Col. McLaughlin came to spend the night. – – Nannie went to school today. – – Parky ironed. Mr. Garrett thought Rose had a chill today.2As Mr. Camm Garrett was a teacher at Rumford, Rose must have been attending school there. – – Jimmie Spiller came with the Col. The gentlemen took supper. Mr. Warters, a member of the guard, came to see Bill.3Buried in a footnote on 12 July is the likely candidate for this Mr. Warters. W. S. Warters appears often the Lieut. Haws’ conscription book mentioned before. He also appears in the 1860 US Census, but as W. S. Waters. In the conscript book Warters is 42, a farmer. I have not been able to find him after the war. – – Parky ironed today, has recovered from her attack. Phillip is still having chills.