Thursday, 15 September, 1864

A very pretty morning, but I am feeling sad. The children are making preparation to leave again, Zac to camp and Pigeo to school. Sickness on her part has prevented her from going sooner, as well as Dr. Lewis’ having a very sick family. Miss Fletcher and Miss Hattie Lewis told Pigeo last Sunday that if she came she would have to wait on herself.1We learned on 15 July that Miss Fletcher was the teacher at Dr. Lewis’ school. Was Miss Hattie Lewis a teacher also? She was a Lewis, but what relation was she to Dr. Lewis? They scarcely had any one to cook, so many were sick. – – Bill had Duroc brought up to send the Col. to Tappahannock on his way to Maryland. It was certainly a thoughtless thing in Bill to offer to do so. Pigeo is prevented from going to school and I from spending the day with Rose, as I intended. Washington was gone the whole day till in the night, as busy as we are (though the horse has scarcely had a day’s rest since we commenced fallowing). Sent a box with some eatables and a bucket of butter and lard as far as Millers’ for Zac. He started soon after. Poor child, if it was the Lord’s will and he was prepared to go, I would much prefer to follow him to his grave. O this day has been so sad to me, would that I could commune with the deer departed dead. I want something to soothe my feelings and calm my troubled mind. Pigeo and I are alone today, excepting dear little Stuart (who is as sweet as he can be) to break the monotony. Jimmie left when Zac did. He carried a pair of pants besides the suit he had on, a pair of drawers, a flannel shirt, pair of socks, two shirts, three collars, &c. Gave him $10 besides what he had. I think it’s a disadvantage to give much money. Reminded him of his Bible when he started. Pigeo got it for him. Gave him a yarn counterpane. I trust the Lord will guide him. O it is so heartbreaking to see the youths, instead of entering College, preparing for a bloody war. Went in the kitchen and had some lard clarified. – – Loaned or sold Mr. Norment 6 bushels corn.