Friday, 16 September, 1864

Quite a pretty day. Pigeo has tried herself till nearly 12 o’clk getting ready to start to school. I accompanied her in the carriage as far as Hill’s and sent Washington on with instructions to have the washers fixed on the carriage at Mr. Houchings’ shop, which he did, and detained me till sunset before he returned with the carriage.1If you remember, the Houchings lived close to Auburn, the home of Dr. Lewis and his school. I became very uneasy about him. I shall miss Pigeo a good deal. Left Stuart to stay with Mag till I return. Stopped a while at the store with the intention of buying some tea, but there were so many gentlemen at the mail I declined doing so.2The store at the courthouse was also the Post Office. Ju informed me that Nan and Rose were both at his house with chills. I called by for them and Stuart. Brought a soldier as far as his gate, who was very much fatigued. He had been sick and was on his way home from “Winchester.” His name was “Williams.” Ju had 16 pounds coarse cotton and paid to have some cloth with a piece of mine. Pigeo found Dr. Lewis fairly convalescent. I found Mary King in bed looking very badly. – – Dellah and Martha peeled peaches today. Bettie is still about the fodder. – – Bill took a prisoner to Richmond this evening. – – Jim carried 10 bushels corn and 6 bushels wheat to Robin’s Mill.3Robins’ Mill was located across the county near the mouth of Necatawance Creek on the Pamunkey River. The contemporary Gilmer map shows it near Winchester, the home of John A. Robins.