Monday, 19 September, 1864

A fine day. Commenced the quinine with Nan and gave it till 12 o’clk. She missed her chill. Tomorrow is Rose’s chill day. They are both right much wasted. Had the lounge set in the front chamber for Rose and Nannie in my bed. – – Rose was well enough to write to her Mother this evening, but she inked a nice pillow case and bed tick. Threw the ink on the floor, and I promised her she should never write in bed again. – – Dellah got the linsy out of the loom today. – – Bill came from Richmond about 1 o’clk. while I was having something for the children to eat. Brought me a letter from Bake containing one from Hardie dated 4th August. He is now on a visit to Paris from Amiens. Some of his friends will leave there for the Confederate States on the 6th, and he wishes to send a letter he could do the same if he would apply for orders, but he prefers remaining longer. Expects to be at home though before very long, but doesn’t know whether he has a home or not. Has not received a letter from home for a long time. Poor fellow! He is low spirited. I trust the Lord will direct and guide him in the right way.1This is the first we have heard from Hardie since Caroline began writing in this volume of her journal. – – Had peaches prepared for peach leather and chips, very nice. – – Sent a letter to Mr. Garrett to mail for Bake. 4 pages.