Thursday, 22 September, 1864

I awoke and arose an hour or two today this morning and found it raining very fast. Wrote in my journal for several days, before day. – – Mr. Norment sent for 6 ½ bushels more corn this morning, making 12 ½ bushels in all he has had, to be returned out of the growing crop, or its equivalent in money. The weather is showery. I am afraid I shall lose all of my peach leather and chips. It does seem that when I have anything out very nice drying there comes a bad spell. – – Warped 42 yds. coarse cloth this morning. One half of it’s Ju’s warp. Planted some choice peaches this week. Yellow softs and black at the back of the garden, and some large early softs and a few Bill had given to him in Richmond by the side of the paling to the right of the garden gate. – – Bill rode to Mr. Norment’s and from there to Mr. Brown’s to see and acquaint himself with the process of making molasses. – – Dellah planted radish seed in the turnip patch.