Friday, 23 September, 1864

Another cloudy, rainy day. Seeded a bed of lettuce and radish seed in the garden by Dellah. – – The children have not been to school this week. They are too delicate for the inclement weather. Bill went up for the mail. – – Put a pair of yarn stockings for Martha to knit for me and a pair of socks for Zac. – – Warped 42 yds. cloth this evening to the same _?_. Nannie played a good deal tonight and I enjoyed the music very much. She is a darling little thing. – – I think Rose must have had a slight chill this evening, symptoms were very strong. Bill insisted on my going to see the pigs this evening. Nan and he went on ahead and after getting there, they were afraid I wouldn’t come, and sent for me. So I went and as usual, before reaching the pen, commenced fondling the sheep, but didn’t think of carrying them salt and after showing much affection on their part, could bear the disappointment no longer. The old big fellow in his chagrin, to avenge himself and family, took my apron in his mouth and tore it entirely off from the binding, though it was almost new. I was frightened almost out of my wits, and was afraid of everything afterwards. – – Commenced a letter to Pigeo tonight.