Tuesday, 27 September, 1864

Bright and beautiful weather for any kind of work. Jim finished hauling the 1000 bricks yesterday from Mr. Spiller’s and brought the bricks old Mr. Lipscomb cleaned of the old chimney before his death, this morning.1This “old Mr Lipscomb” is probably the same “old Mr. Lipscomb” who’s funeral the family attended 24 July. – – Dellah is washing her clothes. – – Martha, Bettie, Tom and Frank are gone after walnut leaves for dying. – – Frederick’s ploughing, Bartlett’s gone to Richmond. The rest of the hands, I believe, gabbing. Patsy is spinning some wool for Zac’s clothes. He had the misfortune to lose all of his clothes in “Essex” while he was on picket, the tent or room where his clothes were burnt down and he lost everything, so Mr. Hill informed Bill yesterday.2Robert A. Hill, 47, was a member of the KW Home Guard. He may have been the bearer of the bad news. We met his son Augustine (Gus) Hill on 3 August. This may be the Mr. Robert Hill mentioned on 9 July. Robert’s brother was Col. William Hill mentioned in a footnote on 16 July. I am so sorry. He had just been home on sick furlough and carried a supply for winter, and more than that they are so difficult to get. The government has never furnished the first thing to himself or Bill as yet in any way, though he has been loser by it ever since February, at which time he left school for the service. Rose tried an old woman’s remedy and cured her chills.