Wednesday, 28 September, 1864

A very fine day, some little rain during the day. Preserved grapes with molasses and made a little grape wine for a particular purpose.1That “particular purpose” is probably to serve at communion at Zion. Bartlett returned from Richmond this morning, brought a brl. lime at $40 and a small oven @ $22 and 10 pounds sugar $9.50 per pound. Mary took one bag of the potatoes. – – Had a terrible accident to happen this morning. The cats, while we were at breakfast, jumped on the sideboard and knocked down the looking glass and shattered it to pieces. And with that, my bottle of ink just filled with best ink, and broke that in pieces and ruined the front chamber floor. The only punishment I gave them was to confine them to dry bread the balance of their lives. Gave Martha directions to that effect. – – It was such a piece of neglect on Bill not to tell Bartlett to bring the boilers and rollers, as he came with an empty wagon by the shop. – – Will have to send expressly for them in the morning. Ours is about the earliest cane in the neighborhood and we shall be the last, it appears, to make molasses. We are rather too tardy about things. – – Zac surprised us by making his appearance just as supper was ready. Got a furlough to come home to get more clothes. – – Bill returned about 5 o’clk. having been very successful in capturing deserters. Sent three to Richmond. – – Frederick ploughed the turnips in the garden and half square for onions. – – Commenced dying black, Pigeo’s muslin. – – Finished pulling the cloth in the hair, and Dellah commenced weaving this morning.2Anyone who can explain “Finished pulling the cloth in the hair” is invited to give us a comment.