Thursday, 29 September, 1864

Quite a pretty day. Bill started Bartlett with two mules to the wagon to Mr. Houchings’ for the boilers and rollers. He returned about eleven and Zac assisted him in putting down the mill and machine levers. It operated very well. We only need the furnace now and we are ready to go to work making molasses. Parky and Bettie helped about stripping of the fodder today. Tom and Frank are carrying hen house manure in the garden for onions. Transplanted some cloves this evening. – – Zac’s complaining of feeling badly yesterday and today. Poor child, it makes me so sorry when I look at him and think he will have to go in regular service in Oct. if the war doesn’t end before that time, but I hope and trust that our heavenly Father will look upon our sufferings and afflictions and if it be consistent with his will, avert the evil designs of our enemies and bring peace and consolation of our afflicted hearts, or if he determines otherwise, he who tempers the winds to the shorn lamb, I trust will give us a spirit of endurance and patient resignation to his divine will and enable us to look beyond these present afflictions to that bright and glorious day when he shall come. – – Mailed a letter to Bake.