Sunday‚ 2 October, 1864

Rather an inclement morning. All of us attended church. Zac went in the carriage with us. Nan had rather have staid on account of sore mouth, but I insisted in her going. – – Heard various rumors today about the Yankees. Loud firing has been going on for the last 4 days. Some say Richmond is surrounded. Others, that they are in Richmond and many other reports.1This was likely the Battles of Chaffin’s Farm (New Market Heights) and Peeble’s Farm. – – Mr. Slaughter, who went over for the mail Friday, and Mr. Houchings have been retained there and put in the fight as well as others from King Wm. The aspect is a more serious one than it has been for some time. I trust in God though to take care of us. Man can do but little. Ju sent for a gallon molasses this morning, but it was more than I could spare. Sent him ½ gallon, but he returned it by the carriage. Said it was not enough for what he wanted. We called by on our way from church, but didn’t get out. I told him the reason. I hope the Lord will open his eyes to see differently and spare him long enough to repent of all he has done contrary to the teachings of his holy word, and that his haughty spirit may be humbled and brought in submission to him, who only has the power to give and take away. – – Philip came down this morning. I settled with him for all the work he has done for all the family. Paid him $15 for half-soling a pair of shoes for Rose.2Littlepage slave Phillip must have had cobbler skills. This is the second comment about him in reference to shoes. – – Bill handed Nan a letter from Pigeo written some time last week in which she said Mrs. Lewis and herself were to have spent the day here on Saturday, which the rain prevented.