Thursday, 6 October, 1864

Quite a pretty day, but a little windy, which operates a little against the process of making molasses. It’s no little trouble. Put a stop to most every other kind of work. The loom, the wheels, the ploughs, the knitting, the sewing, and all are waiting up on it. Filling the 3rd barrel, with six of very pretty quality. – – The children have not been to school this week. Nan has a little sore on her ankle and I am afraid for her to walk much on it. She assists me a good deal about the molasses. It frequently boils over and is very nice. I think she has fallen on it. Had more grapes gotten by Dellah and picked off the vine. – – Bill rode to the Court House today. Says the news from the Army is very flattering. – – But oh! why does the war not cease, shall we never have peace again and set the prisoners free.