Saturday, 8 October, 1864

Fine morning, but came on blustering and cold enough for ice almost. Bill went with the wagon after breakfast to Mr. Garrett’s for wheat purchased of Ju for seed at $50 per bushel, red wheat he purchased of Mr. Hillyard. – – Nan and Rose went to the big Chinquapin tree before breakfast. Got a good many to put away for Xmas. – – Sent Mrs. Garrett a bottle molasses, loaf bread, muffins and _?_ by Dellah this morning. She and the little baby are doing very well. – – Miss Judy came this evening. Gave her a bottle of molasses and some other things.1Miss Judy, who will also appear later, remains unidentified. Martha attempted to take the geraniums in the house, thinking the wind would break them into pieces, and had a terrible accident to happen to them. Upset the bench and lost 4 geraniums, an apple, fish, nutmeg and rose. I was really put out about it, but tried to persuade myself it was all for the best, though I couldn’t see exactly how. – – A plough and two draft are at work today after Bartlett returned. – – Bill and Zac took a walk to look for ducks, but were unsuccessful. – – Zac went in the marsh and killed 15 sora last night, and I bought a doz. from Jim, making three doz. I’ve bought 9 $10 pr doz.