Sunday, 9 October, 1864

As cold as December almost. First frost we have had. – – One of the guards, Mr. Madison, took breakfast.1 Came to inform Bill that an order had been issued requiring them to go to Richmond. He started immediately to notify all the rest. Rest of us attended church. Cousin Lem was very interesting indeed. I think he improves so much in speaking, generally has a good audience. – – Heard of the death of poor Mrs. Munday today. We returned by Ju’s and home to dinner. After dinner, Nan and Rose, Martha with them, went to see Mrs. Garrett’s baby.2 – – Sent her loaf bread, butter and a couple sora for breakfast by Dellah this morning. Ju handed me a letter from Bake and three papers as we passed there. She’s most anxious to get home since the fighting has commenced around Richmond. There are many fears entertained for its safety.

  1. Probably Edgar B. Madison, 42, a member of the “District Mounted (Home) Guard.”  (back)
  2. This would be Sally Roscoe Garrett, daughter of Camm Garrett and his wife, the former Caroline Elizabeth Harris. Sally, better known as Rossie, was born on the 6th.  (back)