Friday, October 14, 1864

Beautiful fall weather, but rather cool for the season. – – Nan and Rose started to school again this morning, but soon returned. Mr. Garrett still sick. I’m very sorry they’ve lost a good deal of time this year from the time the Yankees first came. – – Mrs. George sent to request me to grind her cane and make molasses. I would have done it if she had sent sooner or rather if we had not taken up the mill. – – Sent Washington to Jessee Dungee’s for Zac’s Cavalry boots, got them. Will take them to him tomorrow. – – Dellah commenced the striped cloth for their dresses today. – – Cut off the skirt of a calico dress for Nan to make for herself. Ju spent the evening. Bill returned while he was here. Gave us a description of his adventures with conscripts and deserters. – – Patsy is preparing wool for flannel.