Sunday, 23 October, 1864

Quite a pretty day. Nan remained today. The rest of us attended Zion. Bill rode to the C.H. and returned to dinner. – – Beck came in to see me. She is on a visit from Ju’s. – – Sent Washington to “Dunnsville” to carry Zac some things.1 Sent a piece of shoat, a part of his birth cake I made and should have sent it sooner. – – Some grape puffs, a little bucket of butter, potatoes, biscuit, &c, &c. Also sent his boots with &c. – – Washington returned after I had gone to bed. I got up to read his letter. He sent me a nice bucket of apples, some chestnuts and a fine apple. Nan sent him a beautiful bouquet. We were so much pleased to hear from him. I was afraid he had been ordered to Richmond without coming by home. He could be at home in a day or two.

  1. Today Dunnsville is an unincorporated community in Essex County south of Tappahannock on Highway 17. During the Civil War it was the home of Camp Byron, the home of Company F of the 9th Cavalry, C.S.A.  (back)