Friday, 4 November, 1864

Zac left this morning about eleven o’clk. for Richmond to report at Camp Lee. Left us all feeling quite sadly. – – Bake is busy about finishing off her black silk dress. Afterwards made Nan’s calico dress. – – She made Zac two shirts and two collars. I am glad to see her so industrious, to my surprise and gratification. After I had retired, who should knock at my chamber door and call Ma, but Zac about 12 at night. I was delighted to hear his voice for I felt all day as if he had not gone for good. He heard at the “Piping Tree” that it would be impossible for him to enter the Cavalry and he was approved to going in the Infantry.1Piping Tree was the home of Dr. Fendall Gregory and his wife Elizabeth Southerland Littlepage, both about 67. Both were cousins of Caroline’s late husband Lewis. Piping Tree, also the home of a tavern and a ferry, was a well known King William landmark. So he returned in company with Logan Turner, one of Lee’s Rangers, with the intention of returning with him on Tuesday.2Private Logan Turner, son of William M. Turner of King William who is shown living near Fendall and Aunt Betsy Gregory at the Piping Tree on the Gilmer map, was indeed a recent member of Company H, 9th Virginia Cavalry. Before that he had served in both the 53rd Infantry and the 4th Regiment of Virginia Heavy Artillery. Illness and special assignments made him a well-traveled soldier. We will read more of Logan Turner and his family. – – Dellah is finishing off coarse work. – – They came by Dr. Lewis! Commenced hauling corn today.