Tuesday 8 November, 1864

Another cloudy day. Had an early breakfast for Pigeo to go to school. Had the carriage hitched and Bake rode with her. Took the children in as far as the C.H. Made ginger cakes for her before breakfast. She carried ground peas, potatoes, &c.1Caroline’s ground peas are our peanuts. Sent some of Zac’s birth cake to Mrs. Lewis and Miss Annie. – – Bake returned about 12 or 1 o’clk. called and asked for Mr. Houchings’ acct. as she passed his house, which he promised to leave with his wife. A most exorbitant acct. – – Sent the butter up by Martha. Cousin Lem received it. – – Put some yarn hanks in dye for Solpurina to stand nine days in pokeberry juice in a stone jar.2I have no clue what word Caroline wrote written here as “Solpurina.” Staring at the journal itself has not helped.– – No letter today. Bill brought the mail about sunset.