Wednesday, 9 November, 1864

Cloudy and rainy, too much so for the children to go to school. Bake teaches Rose regularly. – – Bettie’s looping the yarn for the boy’s clothes. Took the rest of the black wool out of dye today and put in pants to dye for Bill and Zac. Had my potatoes packed away in chaff today. A fine parcel, had about ½ of them put in one corner in the store room. The rest, eating roots and seed put in the pantry closet in the two potato rooms. – – Had the fattening hogs up about a week, i.e. moved the pen nearer the house. They’ve been up a long time. Bake made the body to Nan’s linsy dress today. Rose and herself wrote to Mary. I got her to go down and pack a few pounds butter in a bucket to send to Richmond tomorrow by the wagon. Will sent over a load of oats by Bartlett. Bill will go over to report for duty. – – Bartlett asked me to lend him $250 or $300 to buy himself a pair of boots. I promised to do so. – – Packed up a box of soap to send over.