Thursday 10 November, 1864

I arose early this morning and had Bill wakened to have oats fanned for Richmond. Sent him 20 bags, measured up 40 bushels. Sent 42 lb. soap, 69 lbs. bacon and 8 lbs. butter. – – Sent Mary 3 chub caught by Zac last Monday. – – Pigeo sent a shuck hat to Mollie, Bake and Rose a letter. It was raining when he started, but soon cleared up and was a beautiful day. – – Warmed over a kettle of molasses. – – Received a notice of Mrs. Croxton’s funeral, sermon to take place tomorrow, she died yesterday.1Sophie Chapman Croxton was the wife of James Croxton, (1783-1837) owner of Broadneck. The 1860 US Census suggests she was born in 1800. – – Bake altered a red and black muslin of Pigeo’s for her. – – I walked to the barn just before dark and saw what corn servants had to shuck.