Friday 11 November, 1864

A very beautiful day, but rather cooler than yesterday. We started early, Bake, Nan, Rose and myself, to “Broad-Neck” to the funeral of Mrs. Croxton. Arrived there in good time, quite a number of persons were in attendance, but from some cause or another, the minister failed to come and there was quite a disappointment. About 2 o’clk. the body was interred. I have never witnessed anything like the grief manifested among the servants. We were prepared right much to stay to dinner, but I thought it more prudent to return to dinner, though we did not reach sooner than ½ past 2 o’clk. Bake to fulfill an engagement, started immediately to Hill’s and soon met with Mary, who had walked to meet her and had gotten nearly to the Quarters. She sent Dellah back and kept on with Mary.